Cognac XOCognac Xo


This Cognac is the result of years of aging in

oak and in our cellars, according to ancestral tradition.

He comes from assemblies of spirits of various years of production based

of their taste, the youngest at 14 years of age.

It is a stale brandy which matures combines roundness, bouquet and finesse.



70 cl bottle sealed with wax

Price with wooden case: 60 €uros



Cognac VSOP

Cognac VSOP


Our VSOP Cognac is aged in oak barrels in

winery property according traditionfamiliale.

Fruity flavor and character ensures us a generous bouquet.



70 cl bottle

Price boxed : 28 €uros



Flask Cognac VSOP


La Flask VSOP


10 cl bottle.

Price in box : 9 €uros






Cognac VSCognac VS 


Tonic drink to enjoy as an aperitif with ice cubes.

It tastes fresh and very pleasant young.


Bouteille 50 cl

Price in box : 15 €uros



Vieux Pineau

Pineau Vieux


A nice and smooth earthy Old Pineau for the flavor of red fruits.



75 cl bottle.

Price : 18 €uros





Pineau blancPineau Blanc


Good character and a pleasant sweetness make this the ideal aperitif Pineau Blanc.



75 cl bottle. 

Price : 12 €uros